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Belayneh Belayneh

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Belayneh Girma Belayneh


Belayneh Girma Belayneh goes by Belay G Belay was born and raised in Ethiopia, Africa. At a young age, Belay was inspired by entertainment and was very imaginative. At that time, his mother was a professional photographer.  Growing up at the photography studio after before and after school, Belay became inspired by the process of visual story telling.  

At the age of 10, Belay directed his first short film with his childhood friends.  Even though the movie never saw the day of light, the drive for motion and visual creativity became his passion since then.

By the age of 15, a blessing came to his family to move to the United States American to pursue their dream and start their journey to a better opportunity.

Belay started to work by the age of 16 at a retail store while attending high school.

A family friend gave Belay a VHS camera to help record at a wedding. His work was first published as a videographer when the people actually hiredto do the work bailed out on the editing part.

Belay was a typical teenage in his high school years and then off to college for a computer science degree at Hampton University.  Belay eventually dropped out to pursue a business.

Belay spent most of his early and mid-20’s working in retail.  What starting as a seasonal associate at a small store, eventually lead Belay into becoming the General Manger for a large store corporate retailer in the Washington, DC metro area.   Accomplishing all his goals he set not only for the company but as well as himself, Belay decided to leave the retail world in 2015.

Taking a year off to reflect and figure out his passion, the dream to finally invest in himself and made his dream come true.  He is the CEO and founder of B O L O B G.

B O L O B G has many meanings.  What it is more well known for is Be On Level Over Beyond Greatness.  Belay says ‘its the culture [of the brand] that you put in the hours to be a master’.

B O L O B G is the mindset that Belay had since he was a child.  In order to be on level, over beyond greatness, he knew he would have to invest in knowledge and build on all of his opportunities.

Belay, works as a photographer, talent manager, videography, director, editor, recording engineer, and many more area that build value to a brand. All of these skills were self taught.

April 2017, Belay found himself in music production with his long-time friend Edlow Moten (artist name: EDMC Lo'Poet).  Working with Lo'Poet gave Belay a big play in his determination of making an independent label that is inclusive of music and art work.

No matter the cards Belay has been dealt with in life, he takes loss as a lesson, every weakness as opportunity, and every success as a blessing.

With creativity having no limits, Belay plans to execute at a highest level and quality.

Belay’s mindset is always in growth to be better than he was before and develop people that he works with to the next level.

“The journey just began for a kid from Ethiopia, with a big dream to live up to his name”.

Belay [verb] be.lay / bi-‘là: Ethiopian translation: beyond

Author: Kerrie Doheny (Ms.K)